Musical underground of Polish neo-Nazis in the UK

The Patriotic Association “Ogniwo” or “The Link” stubbornly insists in its statement that it is being “falsely accused of Nazi activity”. The organization is desperately trying to save its image. After all, not long ago their members shared the spotlight with Polish Ambassador in London and even with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

On 27 February 2016, The Link’s members alongside neo-Nazis from North West Infidels took part in a street fight against anti-fascists, about which we have written a lot of times. Amongst them, you could find Mr Kuzian, one of the key figures in the organisation. Mr Kuzian not only tidies the graves [of Polish soldiers who fought for Britain] like a perfect patriot would but also poses with war veterans and also with the Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki, whilst wearing a T-shirt with a slogan “Defend Christian Europe.”

In his spare time, he puts “Stop Islamisation of Europe” stickers around and has fun at neo-Nazi concerts. Once, he even put one of the ‘Islamisation of Europe’ stickers on the Job Centre’s information board. We remember the police investigating “Go home” graffiti on the door of Polish Social & Cultural Association’s office. Is not putting the sticker on the info board of a government organisation very much like the other case?

BBC: ‘Racist’ graffiti on Polish cultural centre in Hammersmith

Neo-nazi concert

In March 2017 the members of The Link organised the concert with following bands: Nordica, All Bandits and Antonella’s Klasse Kriminale. Nordica is a permanent member of a neo-Nazi festival ‘Eagle’s Nest’ which also hosted Antonella’s Klasse Kriminal in 2016. The latter band’s manager, closely involved with members of ‘The Link’, helped to organise the London concert by providing the venue.

MariuszZawadzki poster

The Link’s leader Mariusz Zawadzki, on Facebook, published the poster about the event, not giving away the date or location “for obvious reason.”

This was a charity concert for ‘Kwachu’, a close friend of The Link’s members, associated with ‘Power in Unity’ and ‘Emigrants United’. They were behind the attack at the festival in Tottenham, London in June 2014, in which one person got stabbed with a knife. Mate ‘Kwachu’ suffered from cancer for a very long time. Only a few months after the diagnosis he had enough strength to participate, together with his friends, in a fight in Liverpool, a case pending before the Liverpool Crown Court. Only a month ago he was miraculously healed by a Brazilian healer.

The main organiser behind the concert was Mr Michał, a neo-Nazi convicted in Liverpool, about whom we could read in the Guardian’s article about Saturday Polish schools.

The Guardian: Polish schools ‘may have connections’ with groups associated with far right

On his Facebook account Mr Michał brags openly about owning this knife engraved with ‘European Brotherhood’ from the shop about which we can read “clothing and accessories brand associated with white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups and bands“. According to information we have received, he also sports a tattoo of a Swastika. Pity he does not brag about that.

Nalepka Michal (Ogniwo) 002a

He organised flights for the band Nordica with their families and also personally hosted the guests in UK.

In his Facebook post, the vocalist not only thanks to Mr Michał but also mentions the Saturday Polish School in Harlow which Mr & Mrs Nalepka seem to use as their private residence.

Tomasz Kus 2a

Nordica was once known as Aggressiva 88. On the page ‘Stop Nationalism’ we can read:

“Agressiva 88 is one of the best known Polish Nazi bands. Two eights in the name mean, depending on interpretation, an abbreviation for Heil Hitler (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet) or “88 Remarks” ideological manifesto by the terrorist David Lane. It should also be mentioned that Agressiva’s record “Proclamation” starts with Hitler’s speech. The second song on the record is about Rudolf Hess. Among their songs, there is “White whore of a nigger” in which the band is calling for murdering women.

In their discography you can find a split record with Antisemitex who play nationalist-socialist black metal, which not only includes racist and Nazi songs but also cover songs of Sztorm 68, a band loving ZOMO (Motorized Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia – paramilitary-police formations during the Communist Era in Poland) and People’s Republic of Poland (Poland’s name during the Communist Era).

Most of the concerts performed by Agressiva were held in secret and under Blood & Honour’s name. Nevertheless in October 2005 together with Blood’s Rule, Izgorna and Front H8 they played for National Radical Camp, the member of which needed cash for a solicitor after he stabbed a M9 squat’s resident in Sosnowiec.”

Concert recordings have been shared on Facebook by participants. During a short video clip, we have found you can see Nazi salutes three times.

Nazi salutes during an event

Among the participants not only were there the members of The Link but – and to our surprise – members of Polish Defense Committee and a few other groups.

In view of the facts which members of the Patriotic Association “The Link” publicise on their profile pages themselves, conclusion that they are neo-Nazi is not far-fetched at all.

Are these the Polish patriots with which Polish diplomatic corps want to deal?

Below you can find a list of Polish diaspora’s organisations which decided to work with and, to this day, have not dissociated themselves from neo-Nazis’ activity. This is the full list of pseudo-patriotic groups operating on Great Britain’s territory.

Patriae Fidelis
Independent Poland
Fides Et Libertas
Liberty (Janusz Korwin-Mikke’s party)
Committee for the Defense of Poland
Patriots of the Republic
Against the Tide
The Patriots
Polish Patriots Association

061 Ogniwo

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