Whether Polish Embassy is supporting extremists and what led BBC to have attended a far-right event.

On 17 June Polish far-right group Poland Independent (Polska Niepodległa) organized the second edition of the right-wing debate “book fair”. Initially advertised to be held in Manchester, it was moved to Polish Catholic Center in Leeds in a last minute manner. The group known for inviting to Britain individuals like extremist ex-catholic priest Jacek Międlar (detained and deported back to Poland), proudly antisemitic publicist Rafał Ziemkiewicz (when listed by Tel Aviv University as antisemitic he announced ‘professional success’) and Leszek Żebrowski, ‘a historian’ with no formal education, who spreads myths about ‘Jewish communism’.

Marcin Rola

The event was led by another controversial figure – Marcin Rola. He is currently investigated by Polish prosecutors for hate speech against women who took part in the pro-choice ‘Black Protest’. He is well known in Poland for his disturbing Islamophobic, antisemitic and homophobic views and is also, unfortunately, currently gaining some publicity in the UK.

Rola Marcin Twitter 001
Jayda Fransen (Britain First) and Marcin Rola, November 2017

Marcin Rola is a far-right activist and founder of online TV wRealu24, where he discusses current political and social issues choosing the ones that are most important for him like Islam, refugees, Jews, feminism etc. He claims to be “an independent journalist with no political associations“. He uses interviews conducted with various guests who happen to have the same mindset and willingness to incite hatred towards minorities, community groups, politicians and other individuals, very often in an extremely aggressive and vulgar manner.

The attacks that are caused in Europe are caused exclusively by Islamists
Marcin Rola, August 2016

He told the truth that “Islam is a criminal ideology and it’s straightforward message – we must kill you, we must rape your women, murder your children.” That’s Islam, right? This doctrine, like Nazism.
Marcin Rola, June 2017

It’s a replacement of population. The indigenous Europeans are rapidly being outnumbered by migratory population from Africa and the Middle East of those vast majority are Muslims”
Marcin Rola, March 2018

Pedophilia is daily bread in Islam
Marcin Rola, May 2018

the leftist Nazis led it… and finally they managed to kill him
Marcin Rola, 2018, about Alfie Evans

Some [Polish offensive for] thin ugly [women] with a moustache become brutish around churches, propagating the spiritual testament of Adolf Hitler. “Go to the mosque pretty [women].. or to the Islamic district, [Muslim] boys will surely approve your point”. Feminism is an unlikely mental pathology.”
Marcin Rola, 2018, about women

Piotr Szlachtowicz

Rola’s main UK associate is Piotr Szlachtowicz, who co-organized Leeds event. Another far-right activist, briefly mentioned by HOPE not hate and Faith Matters in their recent publications. His negative impact on Polish community’s relations with other minorities and authorities in the UK is, in our opinion, currently underestimated by the authorities. Live-streamed weekly talks by Rola-Szlachtowicz are mainly focused on the subject of ‘fascist Britain’, British authorities “unlawfully stealing” Polish children and putting them into care, “Islamization” of Europe, support for British far-right, “Muslim grooming gangs”, terrorist attacks performed only by attackers of Asian appearance etc. Piotr Szlachtowicz is a “UK correspondent” in this puppet show, perhaps deliberately spreading false stories.

First Edition – Slough 2017

In November 2017 the first edition of “book fair” took place in Slough near London. According to organizers, nearly 1000 attendants listened to 10 guests participating in a live-streamed debate led by Marcin Rola. Among them, we could see Rafał Ziemkiewicz, Leszek Żebrowski, Tomasz Greniuch (co-founder of National Radical Camp) and Witold Gadowski.

The future and current shape of Europe was one of the four points on the agenda. Speakers claimed that the influx of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa is a ‘great danger to our population’. Tomasz Grenius said that “ethnic changes of the continent are a biological bomb“. Piotr Gociek added that ‘Europe is at war with Islam’. All speakers agreed that ‘Europe is dying’, EU ‘occupy Catholic Poland’ enforcing ‘gender ideology’ (women’s and LGBT rights) and political correctness. Entire debate was dedicated to the supposed conflict of ‘Them’ (EU, Islam, ‘lefties’, feminists, immigrants, people of colour etc.) vs. ‘Us’ (Polish ‘patriots’, Christians, Catholics, white people).

Such various forces attack European tradition as internal “barbaria”, because association with ancient Rome in decline is coming to my mind. Barbarians are coming from outside of the borders and, on the other hand, barbarians breed within the borders. Young generation of Europeans have become barbarians and those two forces have one tactical goal – change what has been there, they are imagining what they will do when they have abolished the existing order. There is at least a silent agreement amongst them and therefore the feminists do not fight the Islam followers for how they treat women, even though you could say they are the forerunners in what feminism has called a rape culture, they only fight white men and Christians for that instead. And that is why Muslims do not torment the homosexual, even though they do in their countries, they attack in other places, for now, they do not attack at pride events. If they gain power, they will obviously push all those queers from the top of the roof because the prophet seemed to have said so. But they are restraining themselves for now. There is a kind of tactical truce.
Rafał Ziemkiewicz, Slough, 2017

The idea to let the immigrants from another culture in, ideally of Islamic culture, in a big wave, to Poland, was the idea how to crush the traditional structures of the states of European societies.
Rafał Ziemkiewicz, Slough, 2017

During the event some speakers and guests posed for photos with the banner ‘Freedom for Walus’. Janusz Walus is a white supremacist, a convicted murderer jailed for life in South Africa for the murder of the top anti-apartheid leader, Chris Hani in 1993. Walus was hoping to spark a race war in the country and supported racial segregation.

Read more: HOPE not hate – “Polish far-right groups campaign for funds and release of white supremacist murderer”

005a Ogniwo
Some speakers (including Catholic priest Jarosław Wąsowicz ) and leader of another far-right group Ogniwo (“Link”) during Slough event campaigning for the release of white supremacist murderer Janusz Waluś

The event was promoted by Polish Embassy in London. On 12 November, we had released a statement calling for Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki to deny patronage of such an event. It was ignored.

Second Edition – Leeds 2018

It’s worth noting that neither “Poland Independent” nor “Nowy Polski Show” appeared on event’s poster because the nature of the event would then have become apparent. The event itself was mostly focused on Polish politics with a strong antisemitic accent. Guests spoke harshly against ‘Jewish people’s presence’on Polish political scene, however, we noticed they had been more conscious compared to the first edition in November 2017 Slough.

Marcin Rola (left) and Artur Bednarski (leader of Poland Independent wearing t-shirt with The Nowy Polski Show logo)

This time ‘Islamisation of Europe’ was clearly out of the agenda, however, Marcin Rola tried to bring the subject up several times. At one point Polish military historian Lech Kowalski said:

I think that, at some point, here, in Great Britain, people will mature too to conclude that this has been a catastrophic mistake what Merkel has done with refugees, with the fact that they have flooded our Europe, our beautiful civilisation and have not integrated with us at all at the same time. Here, they simply want what Europe had once achieved in terms of civilisation and change it into their, so to say, toilet-like places, from which they had come. They did not come here because they had been harmed there [in their countries], they simply came here to take advantage of Europe’s achievements and its civilisation for their own particularistic agenda.
Lech Kowalski, Leeds, 2018

A few hours into the debate BBC reporters showed up with the video camera. Marcin Rola approached them and was asked about the petition to the Mayor of Greater Manchester signed by over 600 people to stop the event (initially advertised in Manchester). Mr Rola queried about the names and addresses of those who started the petition and then called them ‘foreign agents’, completely missing the point of hate preaching. Instead of addressing the questions he offered to give an interview after the event.

BBC Newsnight

What we can see in the media today is ‘a slaughter’ – to use one of Rola’s favourite terms – of Rola’s attitude and further criticism of his complete lack of professionalism.

Please see once again his “independent journalism” when confronted with his own bigoted views (hateful content).

Below tweet (see thread) sums up perfectly what exactly happened yesterday.

Polish Embassy released a statement today shockingly branding organisers as “conservative, right-wing circles (…) not extremist groups”.

If all above is not extreme for Polish Ambassador – what is?

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