‘Family Book Fair’ or whitewashing continued

As soon as in June, another so called “Book Fair” will be held in Manchester organised by “Independent Poland”. In November 2017, the first edition of the event was held in Slough near London – declared by organisers as “a great patriotic event”. So let us have a look at a few aspects of ‘Polish patriotism’ abroad.

Let us start with the organiser – “Independent Poland”. This is an overseas branch of a community created around the weekly magazine “Independent Poland” published in Poland. Already in November 2017 we could read about the “units”.


“Military association evoked when you hear the word “unit” is not accidental. For every nation, every country, if they want to be independent, must fight for independence every day. (…) [Having] “Independent Poland” at media front is aimed at the fight with all kinds of leftism, not only international leftism but also the one which has spread widely over our country.”

The tab has disappeared from their page but nothing is lost in the Internet.

We know already that “Independent Poland” ‘fights for independence’ in UK but also fights “all kinds of leftism” – the fight that had been supported by Jacek Międlar himself up to some point in time who would publish four big articles every week.

A few of the covers of this ’patriotic magazine’:

It is worth adding that their website shows the logo of ‘No for the Islamization of Europe’ portal, which proves the profile of their activity.

Polska Niepodlegla website baner

‘Book Fair’ in Slough

On 26th November 2017 the first edition of so called ‘Book Fair’ was held in a Polish Club in Slough. Amongst the invited guests there were Leszek Żebrowski, Rafał Ziemkiewicz and Witold Gadowski and “the debate” accompanying the event was led by Marcin Rola himself. The very upper crust of Polish xenophobia turned up at our doorstep with the courtesy of, among the others, Polish Embassy in London. “The Nowy Polski Show”, about the founder of which we have wrote several times (and so did others), provided media sponsorship. Polish diplomacy not only co-financed the event but was also one of the patrons despite having withdrawn the patronage of another event by the same organisation (at the time of Międlar’s deportation). Please note the logo of Polish Embassy in London in the left lower corner next to the one of “wRealu24”.

20171126 Plakat Targow Ksiazki

According to the organiser around 800 people took part in the event. On the page of the media sponsor, the article “This was the time of Poland and Polishness on the Islands – a few words about the Book Fair in Slough” reads: “Listen to the analysis of our guests about Islam and the threat it brings.”

Also, in a post published on page Ogonczyk.pl we can read a short review:

“The exchange of right-wing views was preluded by singing of Dąbrowski’s Mazurka [the national anthem of Poland]. Polish emigrants gathered in the club had a chance to listen to discussion about the actual dangers which are brought by the spreading islamisation of Europe. The thoughts about the worth of believing in ourselves and in Polish values and never giving up in the fight for the truth. The conclusions about the consequences of rejecting God and Christian values by the West. Analysis of the changes taking place on our continent and upcoming revolution and its possible outcomes for Poland.”

During the event the members of “The Link” together with guests posed for photos, also with the banner shown below:

004a Ogniwo

Let us remind that Janusz Waluś is a neo-nazi-circles-connected murderer serving the prison sentence in the Republic of South Africa. He was a member or paramilitary, neo-nazi organisation Afrikaner Resistance Movement. His victim was Chris Hani, the leader of communist party, the opponent of racial segregation, the second most popular black politician after Nelson Mandela. The fact that the Polish right-wing glorifies the racist murderer was reported by HOPE not hate.

‘(Family) Book Fair’ in Manchester

The second edition of the same event is to be held on 16th and 17th June at the Polish Club at Polish Parish in Oldham. Until recently, the page of the event read that Leszek Żebrowski is there amongst the guests and the event will be transmitted by “wRealu24”. Just after Faith Matters published an article about Żebrowski and the event hosting him, organised by “The Link”, was shut down by the Police – Żebrowski’s name disappeared off of the guest list. It reappeared since in some adverts. Also, for some time, “wRealu24” had been removed from the event’s description, the name of which was changed from ‘Book Fair’ to a ‘Family Book Fair’. This improving of the image or, as we call it, “families with kids gimmick” will not work in UK. Marcin Rola was recently talked about a lot because of the action of the Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour in Poland which reported his speeches to the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office. Wojciech Sumliński, allegedly temporarily stopped by Border Force at the Luton’s airport, is one of the guests.

“Independent Poland’s” image will not be damaged by the hosting of controversial guests because the image has already been destroyed by their own actions. What is more the organisation, the aim of which is “the fight with all kinds of leftism” or setting the people against refugees, Muslims or other minority groups, cannot have a positive reception. It should be added that they have gone into formal agreement with “ONR England” (National Radical Camp England) and “The Link”, which does not seem to bother the Polish Consul Leszek Rowicki who often eagerly hosts the representatives of “Independent Poland.”

Polish version: Rodzinne Targi Książki, czyli mydlenia oczu ciąg dalszy